PACEM Diagnostics® Overview

PACEM Diagnostics® is the solution that helps management teams to understand how effective their value creation capacity is and which RtHE Consult uses to ensure its clients enjoy strong and workable business solutions.

What is it? - PACEM Diagnostics® is a proactive tool that enables both your company and RtHE Consult understand and appreciate your company's needs which allows us offer you tailored solutions that will lead to assured results.

How does it work?

  • Survey to assess your company's strengths and performance focussing on people, systems and strategy.

  • Analysis and diagnosis to reveal current performance gaps and link these with the latest business practices that drive organisational effectiveness and competitive advantage.

  • Agreement with your organisation on workable solutions with recommendations for implementation plans that focus on your core challenges.

Benefits –

  • Organisational health check report- Snapshot of critical areas that affect your organisation's overall performance.

  • People engagement drivers - Identify key factors that drive differences in people performance and develop a road map for improvement.

  • Critical success factors – Realign your business drivers for strategic alignment, better tracking and to ensure that desired results are achieved.

  • Innovation decisions – Use insights and our guidance to target and implement key changes to improve effectiveness and profitability.