Recognising and Rewarding Employees

How can we appropriately recognise and reward our teams and not affect our bottom-line?

Leadership teams of organisations are facing stormy business winds and focussing on driving up profitability while doing a nice balancing act with other issues ranging from risk management to talent retention and even managing negativity in the workplace.

The word in town is that appropriate recognition and rewarding of employees will play a big role in achieving any leadership's agenda. More than ever, executives are asking deeper questions on money spent on recognising and rewarding employees.

  • How will these awards improve employee commitment and performance?

  • Have we calculated the ROI on our overall recognition and reward scheme?

  • Who else in the industry is doing this and has it worked for them?

  • Rewarded people are happy people; happy people come to work and excitedly deliver results that inflate the bottom-line.

RtHE can help you to use recognition and reward schemes to achieve better results through the following – employee surveys, improving employee understanding of recognitions and rewards and managing negativity in the workplace.