Strategy Clarification

How can we create strategies that out-compete and align today's actions with long-term objectives while balancing risk for true value creation?

Some executives will tell you that they are in business for profit. This assertion is not false but one thing the 2008 global crisis has taught many is that money is fleeting in nature. Organisations need a deeper reason for being, a higher vision and a meaningful mission than just making lots of money. This is all too true in strategy clarification.

'Strategic astigmatism' - the organisation's leadership has a blurred view of their strategic mandate and there is an overlap of what are strategic, tactical and operational imperatives. This strategic vision impairment leads to leadership slapping indicators for literally all activities/outcomes/etc within their control on the Balanced Scorecard. Strategy meetings lose value as they become long, endless and fruitless sessions as there is no clear direction. Leadership loses sight of what counts and often it is catastrophic for the organisation.

Organizations can make it through the harsh desert of business as long as they have filled their 'water cans' with clear and flexible strategies. Such strategies lead to visible and traceable long-term objectives that are not a mirage and form a Balanced Scorecard which tells the story simply, and allows executives to lead their teams to the oasis of vision actualisation.

RtHE can work with you to enhance strategy clarification and ensure competitive advantage through customised engagements as below:

Strategic Objectives – working with you to redefine your organisation's strategic direction through 'Core Essence' alignment.

Strategy Alignment & Innovation – reviewing the impact of strategic plans vis-à-vis the Balanced Scorecard and adjusting the organisation's path through alignment and innovation for value creation.

Scenario Planning – working with you to define your future and face the uncertainties through forward looking strategies.