Imbibing Values and Culture

How can we improve people performance through values and culture entrenchment?

Research points to the fact that positive values and culture can add to the bottom line and confer an organisation with other benefits – improved talent recruitment, stronger employee commitment, higher trust levels and information sharing, greater creativity, excellent reputations, etc.

Creating and breathing life into the values and culture of an organisation so that they are worth imbibing is a complex task. This task starts at the top with leaders who should, and must show an undying commitment to the values and culture and foster an organisational climate that will encourage staff to imbibe the same.

So how do you align your teams to embrace your organisation's values and culture? Three key areas need to developed as below:

  • Recruitment policy – we have developed a workable recruitment solution that focuses on values and culture and can work with you to implement it.

  • Culture management – work with leadership to implement a culture rejuvenation system.

  • Reward schemes – to promote core values and culture, it needs to be part of the performance management system and duly rewarded.