Executive Coaching


Young executives, especial those that are new to supervisory roles, are under pressure to impress and deliver the goods but are not getting the coaching they need to excel. Quite often their challenge is a combination of various factors ranging from skill gaps to a mismatch of timelines and tools availability. These executives face greater problems where their managers are more concerned about the bottom-line than supporting the people that will deliver the bottom-line.

RtHE Consult understands the challenges of executives in this position and provides a unique service to assist them excel in their organisations. Our package includes the following:

  • Leadership skills,

  • Team Assessment,

  • Effectiveness Protocols,

  • Business Analysis,

  • Tactical & Strategic Planning,

  • Project Management Support,

  • Presentation dynamics,

  • Template development,

  • Consulting process usage.

RtHE Consult understands the need for the highest level of confidentiality in the provision of this service and tailors it to meet clients' requirements though for no longer than a six month period.