System Management and Innovation


Systems exist all around us and in our organisations. There are the official systems that are documented and the unofficial ones that are yet to be put on paper. A good example is a new technique a salesman is using to top the sales team which he is yet to share with his manager.

The sales manager is more excited about the results than the method and ignores the power of systems. The sales manager is not alone in this trend. People tend to be in a rush to get things done without embedding a powerful and working process, a method, or simply put, a system that will guarantee their business consistent and repeated results every time.

Systems are beautiful as they ensure the following:

  • The organisation's business ideas are translated into desired results

  • Employees understand what their actions will generate via a given system

  • Employees are equipped through systems to deliver results effectively

  • Customers get the same beautiful service every time as systems are predictable

  • Innovation is simpler as systems can be tracked and improved upon

  • The human sentiment is drastically reduced with systems.

"Systems effectively channel and control business efforts to give desired results, while people run and innovate the systems" – Tsuwa Thompson.

Our goal is to work with your organisation to embed a culture of systematisation in your activities to guarantee desired results, consistent customer experience and a sustainable future through your people.

  • Systems 101 & 102.

  • Procedures & Processes - More than Paper.

  • Innovation.

  • Jobs as Systems.

  • Recruitment & On-boarding Styling for Value.

Systems 101 & 102 – Here we work with organisations to establish an understanding of what systems are and how they will work for them to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Systems 101 – basics of systems; definitions, thinking and approach to systematisation.

  • Systems 102 – Business systems: systems sphere, application to the organisation's business and development of draft business system plan.

Procedures & Processes, More than Paper – A lot of organisations in a bid to establish world class standards have put in place procedures and processes. A lot have not. The trick here is creating a system based approach to the procedures and processes not a 'paper' approach; the former ensures that desired results are achieved.

RtHE Consult helps you to execute the following:

  • Systems based Processes Training,

  • Procedures Gap analysis & Design,

  • Procedures and Processes Action Plan,

  • Procedural Manual development.

Innovation – For organisations to improve their performance and continue to create and add value to their stakeholders i.e. be relevant in today's economic climate, they must innovate.

  • Are there systems that aren't giving your the desired results?

  • Is your system leading to improved performance?

  • Does your system allow staff to make inputs?

  • Is there a system that ensures changes and best practice aren't lost in the hustle and bustle of the day?

We will help you structure your organisation to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation and subsequent innovation for maximum benefit and continued value creation.

Jobs as Systems"Systems effectively channel and control business efforts to give desired results, while people run and innovate the systems" – Tsuwa Thompson.

People effectiveness, output and overall value creation is tied to the complex of 'Job+Worker'. Greatness is seen as man and machine break speed records and do so much together – the same greatness can be seen as an employee and a system (job) come together.

  • Do your employees understand their jobs as a system that channels their efforts and skills to desired results?

  • Are your jobs like the best of prototypes designed for maximum performance?

We will help your organisation redefine the concept of the work job amongst employees to create new and record breaking performances that are true to your brand and lead to sustainable futures.

Recruitment and On-Boarding Styling for Value

Organisations would classify this topic as a people issue; we at RtHE Consult see it as a systems issue.

On the larger scale, organisations consistently fail to recruit people that match their values and culture and the advertised jobs leading to an employee-organisation-job mismatch and subsequently impaired organisational performance.

Our goal is to help organisations redefine their recruitment and on-boarding systems to ensure the selection of candidates that fit their corporate profile the best and will deliver maximum value creation on the job.

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