Using Systems for Consistent Results

How can we reduce human sentiment and consistently achieve desired and replicable results?

Organizations fall prey to the evil called waste – the use of resources, human or otherwise that does not add any value to customers and other stakeholders. If Mr. A is willing to pay for a product or service, it is considered to be of "value". If not, it is considered to be wastage and hence needs to be eliminated.

A major source of wastage in organisations is the presence of weak systems that add no value or the total absence of needed systems. Employees lack a systems based understanding of their jobs and 'add their own flavour' leading to varied results and unpredictable value levels. Often the challenge is applying innovation to the systems mix to continually improve efficiency and effectives and to get the desired results by consistent value addition to the customer and all stakeholders.

The outcome of a strong and innovative systematisation culture is the elimination of time wastage, reduction of human sentiment, heightened efficiency and effectiveness, thereby increasing productivity, profitability, and cash flow.

So how do you align your organisation's systems for improved and consistent results? We need to work on three key areas and these are,

  • Systems concept training – working with you to instil a systems culture in your organisation to improve employee output and bottom-line results.

  • Process design and entrenchment – taking what you do from the verbal domain to a documented system that ensures consistent value addition.

  • Innovation management – adding innovation to the mix so that the organisation remains relevant and profitable.