People Management


Your people are the channel through which your business will achieve remarkable results. For you to convert your people's potential into real and tangible results while staying in sync with your organisation's overall thinking, an effective people strategy needs to be in place.

No organisation can create a sustainable future when its people don't understand where it's going (vision and mission), when its people feel undervalued and have lost their fervor to deliver the goods.

We are committed to helping your organisation to realign your people's values to that of your organisation, to inspire confidence that boosts employee performance, and to deliver sustained individual and organisational success.

Specifically, we offer consulting services and customised training in the following areas.

Values and Culture - Creating and breathing life into the values and culture of an organisation so that they are worth imbibing is a complex task. Research points to the fact that positive values and culture can add to the bottom line and confer an organisation with other benefits:

  • Improved talent recruitment,

  • Stronger employee commitment,

  • Higher trust levels and information sharing,

  • Greater creativity,

  • Excellent reputations.

Leaders must show an undying commitment to the values and culture and foster an organisational climate that will encourage staff to imbibe the same.

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Organisational Effectiveness - An empowered and enabled team is typically more likely to exceed performance expectations compared to a restricted and dysfunctional team.

The people variable can shift the bottom-line drastically in any direction dependent on various factors. How effective are the people in your organisation and what is that doing for the organisation as a whole?

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Rewards 101 - Appropriate recognition and rewarding of employees can play a big role in achieving your business' agenda. Rather than shying away from spending time and money on recognising and rewarding employees, executives can use recognition and reward schemes to achieve better results.

Leaders can change their organisational climate and performance as they implement recognition and reward schemes that tie into the following:

  • Values and culture compliance,

  • Performance management,

  • Creativity and innovation.

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Dealing with Negativity for Better Team Output – Negativity is an attitude that cripples the output of your people. Like a cancer it spreads and destroys an employee completely and worse still it is contagious, and soon kills off team output and then the whole organisation is threatened.

Research points to various factors that give birth to negativity in employees leading to reduced performance; a few are below.

  • Ineffective or bullying bosses,

  • Limited opportunities in the organisation,

  • Lack of empowerment,

  • Elimination from the decision making process,

  • Heightened stress levels.

  • Remuneration.

Leaders on every level of the organisation need to turn the tide of negativity around through real and sincere communication with employees and effective resolutions. RtHE Consult can help you here.

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Communication Skills 101 – Every winning people strategy must have effective communication as one of its pillars. Managers often find it difficult to communicate with subordinates and inadvertently restrict the effectiveness of performance management processes through lack of feedback and engagement. On the larger scale, organisations fail to communicate effectively with their people leading to a communication gap that affects overall organisational performance.

Organisation need to imbibe basic organisation communication habits to avoid and or overcome the situations mentioned above.

Basic Organisation Communication Habits (BOCH)™

  • Listen effectively,

  • Focus on issue resolution not personality conflicts,

  • Seek the organisation's good (win-win focus),

  • Uphold integrity and humility,

  • Purpose – positive change and innovation.

We are all learning and RtHE Consult wants to work with you to learn communication a little bit more.

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Joy in the Workplace - Reducing Stress – Stress is part of a normal and healthy life cycle for any individual. The right level of stress keeps employees mentally fit and prepares them for future challenges. However, extremes of stress at work, too little (under-utilisation) or too much (over-utilisation, harassment, etc.) can lead to other harmful trends for the individual and the organisation.

  • Negativity,

  • Below par deliverables,

  • Increased health problems and costs,

  • Higher attrition rates.

Leaders should not underestimate the value of joy in the workplace. Happy employees with optimum stress levels are more likely to consistently deliver exciting results than stressed out employees.

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Organisational Human Equation - Your Solution? – The Organisational Human Equation® is a simple lesson taught by RtHE Consult that demonstrates the missing link between employee performance and phenomenal organisational performance.

What is the Human Equation session all about?

  • Brainstorming session for management on people performance,

  • Development of your organisation's own Human Equation,

  • Improved organisational performance.

Coaching – One of the greatest sources of stress for the knowledge worker is being in a position of weakness, i.e. not knowing how to execute a task. The employee is stuck between the task and his team leader and often doesn't reach out for help. Coaching is the intervention measure that managers need to deploy to support team members and ensure seamless execution.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved team skills,

  • Enhanced performance,

  • Greater trust between leader and team members,

  • +88% increase in productivity.

We can help you coach your teams more effectively for enhanced performance which frees you to focus on your core tasks leading to a major boost in overall performance.

Emotional Intelligence "If you don't have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can't have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far." —Daniel Goleman.

Based on a decade of research with more than 500,000 people, experts are clear that emotional intelligence plays a key role in the success of individuals in the workplace.

RtHE Consult is ready to work with your management and team leaders to improve EI statistics in your organisation.

Future Growth – Organisational growth is tied to people development, which borders on leadership and team capacity building. There is so much focus on the short term and quick wins and why not in view of the economic challenges.

However, a company built on a shaky foundation will not stand the test of a major flood and while it goes into obscurity, competitors, old and new will rise and take its place and market share.

The key to tomorrow, a sustainable future is an organisation's human resource. We provide support in this area as below.

  • Talent Management.

  • Succession Planning.

  • Leadership that Transforms.